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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lumberjacks and Video Games

I took Friday off and it was absolutely beautiful - low 80s and sunny.  I headed out for a short trip to Stillwater, MN.  Lumberjack Days are this weekend if you enjoy watching people climb and/or chop down trees, among other activities.  I was there in the early afternoon so I think I was a bit too early for the festivities.

The floating stage was getting set up for live music and quite a few boats were anchored nearby.

There were tons of vendor stands set up with food and stuff to buy including these guys selling Utilikilts.  I found the "hang loose" shirt pretty funny.

The real gem among all the vendor tents was this...  Ms. Pac-Man caught my eye and behind the little tent where a few arcade games were set up was a big air-conditioned trailer where you could enter and play over a dozen vintage arcade games, all set to free play.  Entry to the trailer cost $3 for 15 minutes, $5 for 30 minutes, or $30 for all day.  I went for the $5 option but am pretty sure I was in that time warp for at least an hour.  The owner cranked some 80s rock for me, which was, in his words, to help "take me back".  I love and miss real old-school arcades.  I played a few games that I had never seen before but mostly stuck to ones I knew including Donkey Kong (21,900 points - not bad), Dig Dug, Operation Wolf, Pole Position II, and Galaga.

I just missed the Galaga high score by less than 1,000 points.  I was very happy with 222,630 points but 223,410 was the score to beat.  Dammit.

EDIT 7/25/10:
Arcade Highway was nice enough to leave a comment with their website. If you want a trailer full of arcade classics to show up at your front door, check them out at


Arcade Highway said...

That little "time warp" is called Arcade Highway.

Thank you for your write up!

Gophers and Cheese said...

I'll add the link to my post. Thanks!

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