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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show 2010 - Part 2

As promised, more pics from the 2010 Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show / Freakshow...

I have lots of pictures of bikes to post but I'll get to them soon.  Let's start with the crowd.  If you click on the picture and look closely you will see a few Minnesota Rollergirls and that guy on stilts again.

While the majority of the crowd was relatively normal, what made the crowd cool and interesting were those in costume.

Of course there were a few bearded ladies (guys with beards in drag):

This guy was bearded but he was rockin' a chef's outfit instead of a dress:

There were ladies dressed in Victorian-looking outfits selling merchandise and munchin' on cupcakes:

There was this guy on stilts with a burlap mask and megaphone:

Let's not forget the cigarette girls:

The last group I noticed were the girls in what I would describe as "day of the dead" makeup, which looked awesome.

More pics to come...

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