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Friday, June 4, 2010

Stone Arch Bridge

This evening was really nice.  I took the Road King out for a ride and headed over to the east side of the Mississippi River near the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis.

This is a view from the top of the Stone Arch Bridge facing west towards of downtown.

Looking north (right) from this side of the bridge, I noticed a neat little wooden footbridge and a few guys fishing.

I wondered how to get down there and just to the right of the entryway to the Stone Arch Bridge I found this wooden staircase.

I walked down and got a great view of the bridge.

Here's the view looking back up at the stairs.

There was a path but it was not well marked and a little overgrown.

I followed the path through the woods to the little footbridge I saw from the Stone Arch Bridge.

Here's a better look at the Stone Arch Bridge from the footbridge.

I headed back and here's a nice view of the Stone Arch Bridge framing the Guthrie Theater with downtown skyscrapers just visible off to the right.

To do all this exploring, I parked near the U of M Southeast Steam Plant (below) and Hennepin Island Park on SE 6th Ave

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