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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sporty Needs New Shoes

After nearly 3 years and 14,000 miles on my last set, the Sporty was due for some new tires.  Not only was the tread on the rear tire almost gone, I discovered a piece of metal (a nail?) in it.  See, there is a functional benefit to a chopped rear fender - you can more easily inspect your tire!  Here you can see the old tire on the bike along next to the new one.  Note the much deeper tread.

Here's a shot of the metal in the tire.  It never caused a loss in pressure.

I ordered the new tires from Dennis Kirk.  I was so close to ordering Avon Speedmasters but decided to stick with the stock Dunlops as they perform well and last quite a while.  I pulled both wheels off myself.  I have previously had the front off before to install the fork boots but it was my first time removing the rear (I had a local dealer change my tires last time).  I had to loosen the rear exhaust pipe and move it out of the way to be able to get the axle out.  The rear was definitely a little trickier than the front.

Here a few shots without the wheels.

It was a very rainy day on Saturday so it was a perfect day to get the tires changed.  I had them done at Midwest Cycle.  Then I took them home and reinstalled them.

Here are a few pics with the fresh rubber installed.

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