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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 Super Tour

I met up with a friend in downtown Minneapolis yesterday to go riding with him for the first time.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  He is new to riding and wanted to learn some good places to go.  I probably should have taken it easy on him but instead, in just one day, I showed him some of the best the area has to offer along the St. Croix River.  He still has less than 1,000 miles on his brand new Super Glide but about 200 of them were just yesterday.  You can see a lot of these individual roads on my "Roads to Ride" page but here's how I strung them together...

To avoid I-94, we took MN-36 west and headed south just before Stillwater.  We followed the St. Croix Trail on the Minnesota side all the way to Prescott, WI.  From there we headed south to Diamond Bluff, WI through my favorite stretch of road and stopped at the Nauti Hawg.  We left the Nauti Hawg, continued south to Red Wing, MN and west along US-61N.  We then dropped south through Welch, MN to Vasa, MN through all the great curves on those roads.  We turned around and stopped briefly in Welch for a snack.  From there, we headed back the way we came, through Red Wing, back into Wisconsin, and north to County Road O.  County Road O was beautiful yesterday as the flowers were blooming with purple and white everywhere.  We cut west on US-10 back to Prescott (honestly, heading back down County Road O and back north on WI-35 through all the curvy bits I like would have been more fun).  From there, we gassed up the bikes and followed the Wisconsin side north along WI-35 and County Road F to 1-94 and jumped on for one exit to Hudson, WI.  Continuing north, we crossed back into Minnesota in Stillwater where we jumped back on MN-36 and each headed home.

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According to Google Maps, that route is 188 miles and should take 5 hours and 25 minutes.  We only stopped for a short time in Diamond Bluff and Welch as well as a very quick stop in Prescott for gas.  It was a solid day of riding and a great one at that.  Unfortunately, I was too busy riding to stop and take a bunch of pictures.  I did snap this one of the church down in Vasa to mark the far point of the ride.

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