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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dodging Rain Unsuccessfully

I had to break in the Sporty's new tires so I took a ride yesterday afternoon.  I headed north on I-35 to US-8 with the intention of going towards Taylors Falls.  However, once on US-8, I ran into rain and the sky was very dark to the east so I dropped south on US-61.

I stopped in Hugo to take some pictures by Senor Ricci's Cantina & Restaurante.  It's obviously been closed for a while.  The building has an "old west" theme.

I continued south and caught I-94 in St Paul and headed west.  I hit some rain and some wet roads along the way and, with no front fender and a chopped rear, I got soaked.  I didn't mind though.  I stopped at Bob's for coffee and watched the skies, waiting for some of the showers to pass.  Before heading home, I went for a ride around Lake Calhoun, another part of the Grand Rounds.

The weather was really spotty as there were patches of think clouds & rain and there were patches of beautiful blue sky.  The sun would pop out often.  Most of the rain was just north of Minneapolis heading southeast.

This is more ominous the view north:

This was the much better sky looking south:

I managed to get home without getting too drenched by trying to avoid the darkest clouds.  Overall, throughout the entire ride, I got a lot more wet from the spray off my tires than from rain falling from the sky.

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