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Monday, June 21, 2010

AMCA Vintage Motorcycle Show 2010 - British Invasion

More pics from the 2010 Vintage Motorcycle Show, this time featuring some of the British brands.  I often try to get pictures with the signs showing the year and model whenever possible so I can identify the bikes later but clearly I missed a few in this bunch.  Enjoy the pics anyway.

1925 Royal Enfield:

A bunch of more modern (but still vintage) Royal Enfields:

1949 Norton International

1971 Norton Commando (left).  I am not sure of the year of the Norton behind it.

1975 Norton 850 Commando (left).  I am not sure of the year of the Triumph behind it.

Another Triumph (unsure of year).  Black custom pipes were interesting.

1966 Triumph TR65C:

I really liked the tank on this Triumph - it was black and orange and the orange really stood out.  It's another where I'm not sure of the year.

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