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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Minnehaha Falls

It was very warm and humid today.  After a good day of riding yesterday, I decided not to venture too far today.  I've been wanting to explore more of the Grand Rounds and I've never been to Minnehaha Falls so today was the day.  If you're not familiar with Grand Rounds, it's a 50+ mile scenic byway found within Minneapolis and the only scenic byway in the country contained completely in a major urban area.

 I took the W Broadway Ave exit off I-94 and headed for the Mississippi River.  I followed West River Road N south.  It's a real nice ride and you pass and go under many bridges.

Here you can see the Weisman Art Museum on the University of Minnesota campus on the east side of the Mississippi.  The Weisman building was designed by the architect Frank Gehry.  If you're not familiar with him, Google him - his buildings are highly unusual.

Here are a few shots of the bridge near Locks and Dam No. 1 (I think the road on that bridge is Ford Pkwy):

I headed down to Minnehaha Park where the falls are.  It's only 8 miles from where I started but the speed limit is 25 mph so it's a slow ride.

Here's a view from the footbridge above the falls.  It gives you the perspective of the last thing you'd see before heading over.

The view from the side and from down below was great.  I'd bet it's beautiful as the seasons change and I plan to return to check it out.

After walking around the falls for a while, I headed over the The Joint to cool off.  This painting is behind the bar on the outdoor patio.  It is a Jim Beam branded version of David Mann's "White Line Bros."

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