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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mill Ruins Park and Lake Nokomis

Today was absolutely beautiful and I retraced some of my steps from last weekend where I visited Minnehaha Falls as I explored more of the Grand Rounds.  Today I was out on the Road King and stopped along the Mississippi River for some pictures by the bridges.

I stopped at Mill Ruins Park and took a bunch of pictures from the Stone Arch Bridge.

While walking along the bridge I narrowly escaped this gang of terrors on two wheels.

I stopped again at Minnehaha Falls and then continued along the Grand Rounds to Lake Nokomis.  The high was in the upper 80s today and, not surprisingly, the beaches were very busy.

Along I-94, the electronic traffic signs had a helpful reminder that I certainly appreciated.  Of course, any driver who is paying enough attention to actually notice, read, and think about the sign is probably not the problem.  The best advice is to always ride like you're invisible.

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