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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jacked Up Bike Night - May 2010

It's "Third Thursday" so that means it's Jacked Up Bike Night at Mad Jack's in Brooklyn Park, MN.  There's a nice outdoor patio with fireplace and free hot dogs.  Last month, there was a decent crowd but it split after the sun went down and I was the last bike standing at 8pm.  This month was different and the crowd stayed later because it was much warmer (70s).

Here's my Sporty:

I liked the bike parked next to mine:

Well, I've seen him at his bike show, I've seen him at The Joint, I've seen him riding on the Flood Run, and now I've seen him at Mad Jack's.  It's official... Donnie Smith is stalking me.  Donnie Smith, the legendary custom bike builder, is standing to the far right in the pic below:

This is the bike Donnie rode in on (its engine has 800 more ccs than my Sporty's 1200):

Donnie's bike and two others he was with:

This Sporty was awesome.  I loved the pistol hand shifter and there were just tons of little custom fabricated details:

Here are a few other bikes that rode in including a beautifully leaky shovelhead:

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