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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This blog is just for fun.  I hope other people find it and like it but, in the end, I decided to start posting for my own enjoyment.  By the blog's title, you should be able to tell I don't take it too seriously.  The name "Gophers and Cheese" is intended to represent Minnesota and Wisconsin but I realize it also sounds a lot like a tasty recipe for preparing road kill.

I started riding in the fall of 2006 and have done most of my riding in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Three trips to Sturgis (07-09) are notable exceptions as well as vacations where I borrowed or rented a bike in Las Vegas and Florida.  This area of the country is beautiful and, yes, the riding season lasts longer than 3 months.  I tend to ride from February or March through November and have averaged about 9,000 miles per year (and I don't use the bikes for commuting).  I have two bikes - a Sportster (04 XL1200C) and a Road King (08 FLHRC).  They are very different and they are both a lot of fun.

Most of the motorcycle websites and blogs I like don't seem to be centered around the Midwest.  It is sometimes difficult to find out what events are going on, what they're all about, and great places to ride around here.  For anyone interested, you should be able to find some of that information here.  For the most part, I will just post pictures from recent trips and modifications to my bikes but I plan to sprinkle in some pics from the past as well.  My goal is to keep the primary focus on motorcycles and to keep all the pictures and content original and unique to this site.

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