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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lake Mille Lacs

I love riding up and down MN-47.  It's a much more enjoyable ride than taking US-169.  On March 14th, I rode up to Lake Mille Lacs.  It's the second-largest lake in Minnesota and it was still covered in a thick sheet of ice.  It felt at least 10 degrees colder near the lake.  This trip is yet another 150-mile loop from the Twin Cities that I really enjoy.  You can add 60 miles by riding all the way around the lake but I chose not to do that this day.

This is Portside Beer & Liquor near Isle,MN, next to the lake.  I love "road cheese" like the two giant fish in the background and will almost always stop to take pictures.

The outside of this diner had a nice feel to it.  It wasn't open and I can't tell if it is still in business.  I think it was in or just south of Isle, MN.  The sign says "Cruisin' at Pat & Kari's Diner".

This is an old abandoned building (church?) that is along MN-47.  For some reason, I really like old buildings and barns that are falling down and overgrown like this as if they are slowly returning to nature.

You can adopt a section of highway.  My favorite sponsor name along MN-47 is "Biker Buddies of Booger".

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